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Software para el dimensionamiento de columnas

ENVIMAC software packages have been designed as a tool for design engineers. It features quick and reliable design of packed or tray columns in a straightforward way. Therefore, several modules are available for various fluid separation processes like distillation, batch distillation, absorption, desorption and stripping etc.

The software consists of modules, which can be selected individually, e.g. for the calculation of fluid dynamics or mass transfer, or as a package, depending on the customer’s requirements. In addition, we have developed a database, containing data for approx. 200 different random and structured packing types and sizes as well as a large number of trays.

The different modules can be purchased separately o ras a package, e.g.:
• FDPAK – hydraulic column design
• HTUPAK –quick and reliable estimation oft he column’s main dimensions
• REKDEPAK – detailed modelling of distillation processes
• STIPPAK – design of graoudwater stripping processes



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