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Gas cleaning

Pollutants such as SO2, H2S, CO2, NOx, HF, etc. or recyclable materials such as ammonia (NH3) can be removed from gas streams, for example by absorption (gas scrubber) or adsorption, and can be recovered as a valuable product in most cases. We take pride to find an individual solution for your problem in order to keep the operating and investment costs low. Especially important for an economic application is the combination of modern design methods and system components used. ENVIMAC-air purification systems are used for example for:

• removal of ammonia (NH3), for example in the landfill gas purification, drying digestate, sludge composting in the exhaust air cleaning after sewage sludge drying and at different process gases.
• removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and / or carbon dioxide (CO2) with and without oxidation of odor compounds in landfill gas purification
• Removal of sulfur dioxide (SO2) from the cleaning of exhaust gases
• removal of HCl, HF, NOx and other substances from off gases

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