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Industrial waste water treatment

Waste water from commercial and industrial processes must be cleaned cost efficiently, with low maintenance effort and in plants with a small footprint. A effective disposal concept requires multidisciplinary knowledge in process and waste water engineering, in order to combine additional treatments such as Neutralization, recovery of valuable substances, disinfection, etc.


In our interdisciplinary team, we have process engineers, microbiologists and wastewater engineers with decades of experience. As process engineers, we are able to plan the necessary physical / chemical units, including a custom-made control systems. ENVIMAC provides solutions in the entire chain of waste water treatment.
We take care of your sewage problem from the first analyzes and laboratory studies, pilot plants to turnkey project.
As a particularly fast solution we can offer container treatment plants: municipal, commercial or industrial waste water can be cleaned biologically at the shortest installation and start-up time.

ENVIMAC offers the complete project management from a single source.
Of course, we have many references, for example, e.g. from
• the wood processing industry
• the petroleum industry (processing and storage tanks)
• textile dyeing
• dairy industry
• Paper production
• Food and beverage production
• Sludge conditioning
• Recycling and landfill

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