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Manure and digestate treatment

After the fermentation process, the fermentation residue or digestate still contains a large number of nutrients, such as nitrogen compounds, in particular ammonium-nitrogen and humic acid salts which can be recycled to the natural cycle. Manure also contains high ammonium loads.

Instead of expensive disposal of fermentation residues and manure, we provide technologies for the treatment of the manure or digestate in order to remove nutricients and clean the liquid in order to either re-use it in the process or to use it elsewhere, the remaining liquid without nutricients is virtually odor-free and disinfected.

The final products (ammonia solution) or ammonium sulfate solution may be either specifically used as fertilizer or sold on the market.

The phosphates are mostly located in the solid phase of the fermentation residue, residual contents in the liquid phase may optionally be removed.
ENVIMAC advises you on the individual design of cleaning concepts for digestate and slurry.


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